Welcome to Andra Delores Design

We’re a creative, fashion, and lifestyle brand founded in 2012. Andra Delores is our CEO and Creative Director -devoted mom, wife, sister, designer, and blogger of all things pink, pretty, and RP-approved. Through her namesake collections, creative content, and personalized brand partnerships, Andra curates chic and romantic inspiration for your wardrobe, celebrations, travel, home décor, and individual style.

The Andra Delores Design Story

Andra wrote to her growing readership about everything she loved: her marriage, plans for the future, weekend adventures, shopping, self-care, and tending to her home and family life. She noticed how often women reach out to ask about her personal style (where she had bought her outfit, for example, or what shade of lipstick she was wearing). Naturally, Andra responded by focusing content on her outfits and beauty regimen, which would again lead to more followers and industry connections. Realizing that lifestyle and fashion blogging could be her full-time passion, Andra formally changed her favorite color and flower blossoming as the new and romantic vision for her brand.