Hair Treatments

Protect Your Hair with the Botox Treatment

Women spend a lot of time and money on maintaining their hair, but the latest treatment is claiming to replace all that. The new Hair Botox Treatment has been called “hair rejuvenation” by those who have tried it. It’s a simple process that takes about an hour and involves injecting botulinum toxin into the scalp to make your hair grow back stronger, healthier, thicker, and faster than ever before.

This new idea has many women excited about what this could do for them. They feel like they won’t need as much maintenance on their hair with this treatment because it will grow back so quickly! This is also great news for those experiencing thinning or balding areas because they will get fuller.

What is Hair Botox Treatment?

Botox for hair, or “Botox Hair,” is a relatively new trend in the hair care industry. It’s not as simple as plucking a few hairs here and there with tweezers like you would do for your eyebrows, but rather using Botox to get rid of those pesky little forehead wrinkles that cause unruly hairs to pop up. This procedure was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, who credits his son with coming up with the idea after he noticed an unusual number of stray hairs on his mom’s forehead during her weekly eyebrow waxing session. Although this treatment is expensive (upwards of $200 per area), it has been shown to help reduce unwanted hair from popping up due to facial expressions, in addition to reducing lines and wrinkles.

How does it work

Hair Botox treatment is a non-surgical way to instantly rejuvenate your hair, making it feel and look healthier. We’ve been using this treatment on clients for over two years now, and the results are excellent!

This revolutionary new product has been designed by a world-renowned dermatologist who spent 30 years researching how we can revitalize our skin from the inside out. The result? A fusion of cutting-edge science with natural botanical ingredients.

using botoxThe process works in three simple steps:

  1. apply serum
  2. massage your scalp
  3. rinse off. It’s that easy! And if you’re worried about side effects, don’t be! This innovative hair therapy has no known negative side effects.

Botox is a popular treatment for wrinkles, but it’s also been used to treat hair loss. A new study shows that Botox injections can help regrow the scalp’s protective layer of hair-bearing cells called the dermal papilla. In this study, women with thinning hair were injected with Botox, and the amount of hairs that grew back increased by 94%.